Musical Products described their new pedal named Mega Vibe on their website. As compared to their other guitar pedals, the Mega Vibe is housed in a larger chassis. While the smaller pedal models use an adapter or a 9 volts battery, the Mega Vibe uses a 12 volt wall wart. This vintage guitar pedals feature the same circuit design as their original ancestors back in the ‘60s with the necessary improvements.

The new Mega Vibe stereo features two Mega Vibes in one unit. Each one has its own output and the guitar goes into both of them. The small Mega Vibe is half the size of the original Mega Vibe. It has heavy duty DPDT foot switch for true bypass, volume controls, intensity controls and speed controls, plus a led indicator and an external jack for the speed pedal, just like the bigger one. It fits into a small and elegant rugged aluminum housing.

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